Mindspa technology officially proven to reduce stress

Tallinn, Estonia, March 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Audio-based mind relaxation app, Synctuition Mindspa, has been found to reduce stress by 75% in healthcare professionals, according to a study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. This result strengthens the case for digital interventions for mental health to become more widely prescribed.

The app is created by Mindspa, an Estonia-based technology startup that uses 3D sounds to help listeners through deep meditative practices that help them relax and more effectively deal with stress and mental health problems. Synctuition Mindspa combines sound and mindfulness to improve users’ sense of wellbeing. This is especially important today, with the COVID-19 pandemic having worsened peoples’ mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

In a study titled “The Impact of Mindful Meditation on Health Care Workers During the

COVID-19 Pandemic”, published in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, researchers from Rutgers University found that using Synctuition MindSpa reduced stress by 75% in healthcare workers, who are among the worst-affected mentally by the COVID-19 crisis. The study’s participants included physicians, nurses, therapists, technologists, and other health professionals.

At the beginning of the study, participants’ perceived stress levels were measured with Cohen’s Perceived Stress Scale. Over a 30-day period, participants listened to Synctuition Mindspa for 20 to 30 minutes daily and were tested again at the end.

The researchers observed statistically significant decreases in perceived stress reduction between the groups across various categories, including sex, age, and role in the healthcare system.

The researchers also said that many participants reported improvement in their sleep quality after using the app.

Co-founder, Allan Eesmaa, added that the study’s results are a welcome development and that it advances Synctuition’s ambition to transform from a tech startup to a digital drugmaker, entering the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry. “We are entering a much bigger space right now and we expect to generate over 100 million dollars in revenue over the next 24 months”.

“One of our key goals is for the Synctuition Mindspa app to be certified by health services, as a ‘digital drug’. This will allow medical professionals to prescribe our app to patients before placing them on chemical drugs such as antidepressants, which have side effects that can alter the body’s chemistry. Our solution is a completely natural way to reduce stress and improve sleep based on natural sound recordings and technology. We plan to have this rolled out in various countries. We see Mindspa becoming more of a digital drug than just an app for the consumers.”

This doesn’t seem far fetched. Synctuition’s Mindspa app has already been chosen by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Many industries are catching on with the rapidly growing demand for mental health services. “For example one of the world’s most luxurious hotels - which is a trend setter in hospitality - recently added a Mindspa booth to their services and is offering our program to guests daily as a new kind of spa treatment. It’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world catches on” says Eesmaa.

As part of Synctuition Mindspa’s goal to improve the mental health of its users, its most recent update comes with a new quick mental health self-assessment test.

“We’ve created a test within the app that allows the user to take a snapshot of their mental health to know how they are mentally,” Eesmaa said. “Think of it as a rapid COVID test, but for mental health. Users can then immediately begin improving their mental health by using the app.”

According to Eesmaa, this new feature opens up new partnerships for Synctuition, which could include partnering with insurance and telecom companies, as well as government agencies to provide mental health services for customers or patients.

“We can work with insurance providers so that their customers can take this test and see the state of their mental health, and they could have better terms on insurance plans if they make better mental health and lifestyle choices.”

As part of its mission to use audio technology in improving people’s mental health, Mindspa recently produced and directed a full-length movie, titled My Gift. Mindspa created a completely new genre by mixing entertainment with education and shooting the movie in cutting-edge 3D binaural sound, which is the same technology used in the Mindspa app. Around 90% of the movie was shot in Estonia, a country known for its pristine nature and its status as a global tech innovator. The film won Best Feature Film at the Helsinki International Film Festival and was officially selected for the International Nice Film Festival.

“My Gift is probably the most ambitious movie done to date on mental health,” states Eesmaa. “It runs for 1 hour and 40 minutes and explains how we got to where we are in terms of mental health problems around the world. It talks about the oversupply of information and how people are overexposed to mostly negative information, which greatly distorts our clarity of mind. My Gift shows how sound can help relax the mind and uncovers the secret for reaching clarity of mind.”

“We live in very interesting times where there is a noticeable paradigm shift towards the level of attention given to mental health. We’re blessed to be one of the leading companies in this space, given what we were able to achieve with our technology. We believe that with the right strategic partners, we can be a front runner in this industry for generations to come.”

About Synctuition

Synctuition seeks to improve people’s mental health by using audio technology to help them relax their mind through deep meditative practices. The Synctuition Mindspa app, which has been proven to reduce stress by up to 75%, uses a unique combination of 3D soundscapes, gamma waves, binaural beats and personalized sound journeys to help people be more mindful and address their mental health problems. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Synctuition aims to have the Mindspa app recognized internationally as a digital drug, functioning as a 100% natural antidepressant with no harmful side effects.

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Mindspa technology officially proven to reduce stress