Micro Medical Devices Shows Best-in-Class VR Visual Field

Calabasas, California, March 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Calabasas, CA - The 2023 annual SECO conference took place from March 1-5, 2023, in Atlanta, and Micro Medical Devices (MMD) was present in the Exhibit Hall, showing off some of the latest innovations in its trusted line of VR-powered visual field headsets.

As the first company with a commercially available virtual reality visual field headset, MMD has been the leader in driving this technology forward for years. Headsets are the future of visual field testing due to their compact size, user-friendly operation, and ability to help doctors test more patients in less time without relying on a wireless connection or compromising on the reliability of the results they produce. They can also be used more comfortably on a range of patients who have struggled with conventional testing, qualifying MMD’s VF2000 line for a 50% Tax Credit through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Micro Medical Devices Shows Best-in-Class VR Visual Field

MMD released the VF2000 Focus in 2018, giving doctors a long-awaited alternative to the bulky, slower equipment of the past. Current users have loved that they could free up entire areas of their practice, no longer needing to dedicate an entire room for visual field testing.

In the years since, Micro Medical Devices has built upon the original technology, upgrading both the hardware and the software in their release of the VF2000 G2 and the VF2000 NEO. These newer models boast a 4K resolution display and can be customized with an array of visual tests, including visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, stereopsis, Ishihara and D15 color testing, pupil testing, and more, with additional tests in development. The NEO adds Active Eye Tracking, a feature that can minimize fixation loss during testing.

Unlike other devices on the market that emulate their technology, Micro Medical Devices VR visual field headsets remain the most feature-rich, versatile, and reliable. They’re Bluetooth-enabled, which allows users to continue testing even when experiencing interruptions from a network connection, an issue that has plagued competitors.

MMD also sets itself apart in the market by offering prospective customers a variety of options; from offering no-obligation 30-day trials for doctors to fully evaluate if the technology is a good fit for their office, to a plethora of purchase, rental, and financing options when the time comes. MMD takes pride in offering a level of personal support from the first moment a prospective customer contacts them and through the lifetime of the product.

The company’s next innovation is the recently released Virtual Workup Lane. This technology bundle can replace $60,000 of equipment instantly at a fraction of the cost, and has doctors interested in improving their efficiency and rethinking their practice flow with a single, wearable device lining up to learn more. For more information about Micro Medical’s industry leading visual field headsets, visit their website.

About Micro Medical Devices:

Founded in 2002, Micro Medical Devices is a technology company that specializes in solving practical challenges of the modern doctor. The first Micro Medical Devices product was released in 2005, a handheld A-Scan device that aimed to help physicians measure the depth and thickness of the eye’s internal structures using ultrasound technology. Since then, the team at Micro Medical Devices has developed a wide range of portable devices, most recently the industry leading VF2000 line of wearable visual field and vision testing headsets.


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