Bill Ryan Launches Hardcover Version Of "Fix Your Why"

Springfield, March 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Springfield, Missouri -

A consummate entrepreneur, Ryan has both launched his own successful businesses and risen to success in the corporate world, becoming President at Town and Country Homes in Chicago, where he oversaw 4 division presidents and 250 employees.

His achievements make him one of the most fascinating business voices today, who offers insight for the hungry young executive who wants to reach the next rung on the ladder as well as the successful entrepreneur who is seeking to break through to the next level.

With a career spanning 50 years, he has successfully navigated 4 recessions, including some of the largest housing busts in the history of America. His success principles are forged from these hard times and captured in his new book “Fix Your Why.”

“Fix Your Why” is Billy Ryan’s new book. Capturing critical lessons from his lifelong career, it focuses on core principles of success and how Ryan leveraged them to separate himself from the pack.

Understanding what makes humans tick is key to unlocking success. In “Fix Your Why,” Ryan takes these simple, well-known tools and leverages them to unlock inner motivational secrets. Part therapist, part practicum, part encyclopedia, part biography, this book uses expert storytelling to keep the reader engaged as it captures each of the fundamental pillars of Ryan’s success.

The thoughtful reader will walk away from this book with a competitive advantage and the ability to hone in on the most important actions. This book is a call away from the urgent, low-value tasks most of us engage in and provides a practical path to achieving intentional outcomes by focusing solely on the most important tasks.

“I hope I can help readers separate what is important from what is not important,” says Billy Ryan, “Pursuing a worthy goal helps you when times are tough; it puts wind in your sails. Your ‘Why’ informs your actions. In business, it is rare for companies to find their ‘why’ immediately. I believe in continually iterating the process.”

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Bill Ryan Launches Hardcover Version Of "Fix Your Why"