The Southport CoLAB & The Southport School Announce

SOUTHPORT, Conn., March 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Southport School (TSS), an independent day school for neurodiverse children in grades 2-8 who have language-based learning differences and/or ADHD and The Southport CoLAB, which provides high-quality programs for training professionals, educators and families, today announced three upcoming reading screenings for students in preK through first grade. The free screenings couple the latest research with cutting edge technology to identify children at substantial risk for dyslexia and other reading struggles.

“The ability to read is one of the most important predictors of academic success. It is critical that we identify and support children at risk for dyslexia and other reading struggles early on, when intervention is most effective,” said Dr. Benjamin N. Powers, executive director of TSS and founder and executive director of The Southport CoLAB. “The results of these assessments can help parents and educators work together to develop an individualized plan to support a child's specific learning needs.”

The EarlyBird Literacy Assessment and Dyslexia Screener, a technology platform developed by experts at Boston Children’s Hospital, can identify strengths and weaknesses for students ages 4 through 6 and uses the science of reading to screen, assess, translate and help remediate skill deficits for young children. The gamified solution empowers educators, parents, and clinicians with a proactive, preventative tool to identify at-risk children in the window where intervention is most effective. Screenings assess a range of skills and tasks that are important for identifying or predicting issues with reading, including naming speed, sound/symbol correspondence, phonemic and phonological awareness, oral language comprehension, and word reading.

“This program allows us to make an impact on a young child and their family, one by one with individualized input. Through this test we can analyze the key indicators of a child's reading struggle or deficits,” said Jeff Ruggiero, associate head of school for academics. “Our recommendations to families post screening are equally as important as the results. We are confident in our advice for support within the home and at school, knowing how early intervention can impact a child's academic journey. The investment and value of this type of screening has a ripple effect for everyone invested in the next generation of learners.”

Current monthly screening dates are April 4, May 9 and June 6 at The Southport School (214 Main Street in Southport, Conn.) and take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Families receive a 20-minute personalized feedback and recommendations session via Zoom within one week after their child’s screening.

Those interested in having their child screened can register here or call 203-254-2044 to schedule an appointment.

About The Southport School
The Southport School (TSS) is an independent day school for neurodiverse children in grades 2-8 with language-based learning differences, like dyslexia and attention issues. Since its inception in 1984, TSS has remained dedicated to creating transformative educational experiences for students that recognize individual strengths, promote independent thinking, develop self-esteem and self-advocacy, and support a successful transition for continued academic achievement. The Southport School provides a supportive, non-traditional environment with small class sizes for students. Students are championed by an expert faculty that is student-focused and uses research and evidence-based approaches. TSS serves 122 students from neighboring communities in Connecticut and New York. To learn more, visit

About The Southport CoLAB
The Southport CoLAB provides the highest quality programs in training for professionals, educators, and families. Its mission is to integrate research, practice, and advocacy to effect positive outcomes for people with learning and attention issues. The Southport CoLAB currently offers three specialized training programs: structured literacy, executive functions, and assistive technology. To learn more, visit

The Southport CoLAB & The Southport School Announce