Women Applicants Reach Highest Peak in BairesDev’s History

Mountain View, CA, March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  BairesDev®, a nearshore software solutions unicorn, continues to report a growing trend of women applicants in 2023. In February alone, 52% of all BairesDev applicants were women, the highest application rate reported in company history.  

The increase in women applicants at BairesDev is consistent with the company’s recently reported 400% increase in women applicants between 2015 and 2021. These findings were revealed in BairesDev’s most recent "Women in Tech 2022" Report, a research study that shares findings from the more than  1 million applications received each year since 2015.
"The growing number of women applying to BairesDev shows a positive trend in terms of talent availability, but this is only the beginning," said Rocío Belfiore, Chief Innovation Officer at BairesDev. “According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 132 years to reach gender parity. We will continue improving our recruitment models and invest more resources on initiatives that significantly impact diversity and inclusion, such as educational opportunities for potential applicants."

Insights from BairesDev’s applicant pool for 2022 and the beginning of 2023:

  • The most in-demand programming languages among women are QA Automation, UX/UI, Python, Java, and React. Women also have a growing interest in machine learning and deep learning. 
  • 93% of women candidates for technical and non-technical roles hail from Latin America, with the majority based in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.  
  • Only in February 2023, BairesDev received more than 45,000 applications from women, representing 52% of total applications in that month.

BairesDev is committed to building a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. As a fully remote company, it has a bias-free recruitment process based on artificial intelligence, which allows to select the best-qualified candidates regardless of background. 

The company also encourages professionals and the general public to recommend talented women through its referred talent program. Through the BairesDev Giveback program, the company helps to support professionals from underrepresented minorities interested in pursuing careers in tech. 

Since 2020, BairesDev has received eight awards from globally recognized institutions for its initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion, including the Best IT Workplace for Diversity award twice and the Best IT Workplace for Age, Race, Hiring, and Advancing Equality at the Globee® Business Awards.

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Women Applicants Reach Highest Peak in BairesDev’s History