WeGro Data & HyperSphere Team Up to Bring Revolutionary

Washington, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Washington – WeGro Data, a Web 3.0 service provider, has partnered with HyperSphere Technologies, cyber security software developer, to create the world’s first hyper protected blockchain-as-a service platform to provide unprecedented security to consumers, industries, and governments around the globe. They will be unveiling this partnership at the upcoming CERA Conference in Houston where they will demonstrate its necessity in the energy sector.

“Every day we hear more and more news stories about concerns surrounding the security of our nation’s aging energy infrastructure, quite often focused on the possibility of a cyberattack. Our HyperTuring™ blockchain technology paired with HyperSphere’s encryption creates a virtually impregnable data ecosystem that will allow us to protect our nation’s most valuable resources and give every American peace of mind,” said Rick Gilchrist, CEO of WeGro Data.

“HyperSphere’s patented data shadowing technology transforms data. We all have concerns about how to keep our personal data private from marketers, from the government, from criminals, from terrorists and our technology makes that possible. In short, we keep private data private and nowhere is that more critical nowadays than for our national security,” said James DeCesare, CEO & Co-Founder of HyperSphere.

WeGro Data is revolutionizing Web 3.0 and the blockchain industry, providing the world’s first Level 2 Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform enabling benefits to industry and consumers alike. WeGro Data’s flagship product HyperTuring is positioned to solve the most pressing and complex data challenges within the energy sector including compliance, accountability, security, and cost reduction. Partnering with HyperSphere’s innovative, quantum immune shadowing technology ensures that any sensitive information is protected and safe.

This coming Thursday, March 9th at 4pm CT, at CERAWeek, the world’s premier energy event in Houston, Gilchrist will be making a presentation, “Innovation In Blockchain & Data-as-a Service” where he will speak to the new partnership with HyperSphere and how this collaboration will revolutionize security for the energy sector.

“Unfortunately, cyberattacks are now the norm and our data is being weaponized against us. When someone can hack into our electric grid shutting down heat for millions in the winter or wreak havoc on a pipeline cutting off gas production for half the country, these are terrorist actions and our government and private industry need to by on the offensive to protect Americans, that is what our system can do,” said Gilchrist.

About Us:
WeGro Data – Offering the data platform of tomorrow, today, WeGro Data provides the world's first scalable blockchain platform – HyperTuring™. WeGro Data’s 4th generation, Hybrid, L2, blockchain-as-a-service, offers a fast, scalable, and cost-effective solution while enabling data sovereignty for both enterprise and consumers.

HyperSphere – HyperSphere offers cloud-based, API-driven technology that protects data from being compromised by obfuscating it, deleting it, and reviving it on-demand. HyperSphere is keyless using geospatial, time-based encryption. Its solution is auto-scalable, lightning fast, zero-knowledge, and zero-trust equating to data anonymity and quantum immune data protection or QIDP®. HyperSphere’s patented technology fixes today’s data protection problems and those of tomorrow.

WeGro Data & HyperSphere Team Up to Bring Revolutionary