Focusound™️ Announces Upcoming Launch of the See-Thru Glass

HONG KONG, Feb. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Personal audio innovator Focusound™️ has announced the upcoming launch of a revolutionary new directional speaker that allows for immersive audio without disturbing others: 'a see-thru glass directional speaker'. Focusound™️ is a glass directional speaker that uses a unique design that emits sound from its transparent screen, targeting the sound in a narrow field. This innovative design drastically reduces the need for headphones, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. The transparent glass directional speaker creates a personal audio space in various situations where music is desired without disturbing others in the same area. Focusound™️ Glass Directional Speaker will be coming soon to Kickstarter at #" Featured Image for Focusound Featured Image for Focusound