Restaurant Technologies Helps its Customers Make the Best

Mendota Heights, Minn., Feb. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Restaurant Technologies (RT) has launched its quarterly marketing campaign “YOU Make the Best Fries. We Make it EASY.” In this campaign, customers are the stars. They make the best fries, wings, rings, and tenders; and they make them safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Total Oil Management (TOM) — RT’s end-to-end cooking oil solution — makes it easy.    

RT customers make their best in restaurants, hotels/resorts, grocery stores, convenience stores, universities, golf clubs, and hospitals nationwide. They are fry cooks, owners, operators, franchisees, and businesses of all sizes. This campaign speaks to their need for consistently great food and safer, smarter, more sustainable kitchens. 

“We always want to represent the voice of our customers in the story that we are telling, so it is important to prioritize the customer in what we do,” said Kerry Cicero, Vice President of Marketing for RT. “They make the best food using our product, and we make it easy for them to get there.” 

That representation comes in several forms of digital marketing including a 26-page insider’s guide, landing page on the website, social media posts, blog posts, webinars, and a video on tap to be released in March. 

Whether it’s in restaurants or one of the 36,000 different businesses counted among RT customers, they are at the top of everyone’s list of best fried foods. The one constant among them all is the Total Oil Management solution that automates everything oil related for commercial kitchens from delivery, filtering, monitoring, and recycling. That’s what RT means when they say, “we make it easy” - it’s all automated. It’s fewer tasks for the kitchen staff to worry about and it’s safer too. 

“We're high volume, and [TOM] has made it easier for us to be able to change fryer oil more frequently during the day. The food is 100 times more consistent,” said Carmelo Valenti, owner of Roman Delight in Orwigsburg, Pa., “We have a great breaded haddock dish. Before, it wasn’t always so great when the oil got old, which can happen in a minute during a rush. Now we can maintain the quality of the product.”  

That quality has led to 4.8-star ratings from Facebook and DoorDash and 4.5-star ratings from Trip Advisor and Yelp and, as they say, “the customer is always right.” 

“RT has grown to 41 depots with over 36,000 customers thanks to our superior service and dedication to our customers,” said Jeff Kiesel, RT President and CEO. “But we wouldn’t be able to retain over 98% of our customers if the TOM solution did not deliver on the promise of making it easy for our customers to produce the best food in the market.” 

The campaign is the first of four quarterly campaigns scheduled to be released by RT though the end of 2023 showcasing the voice of its customers.  

For the “You Make the Best Fries – We Make it Easy” landing page, click here. For the media kit, click here.  

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About Restaurant Technologies 

Restaurant Technologies is the leader in the foodservice industry, proudly serving more than 36,000 quick-service and full-service restaurant chains, independent restaurants, grocery delis, hotels, casinos, convenience stores, universities, and hospitals nationwide. A trusted partner since 1999, Restaurant Technologies helps foodservice operators make their kitchens safer, smarter, more efficient, and sustainable with innovative cooking oil management and hood grease prevention solutions. Total Oil Management automates the cooking oil process with always on bulk cooking oil delivery, filtration, monitoring, and recycling; AutoMist® eliminates grease for always clean hood and flues; and Grease Lock® hood filters block grease buildup. Headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minn., Restaurant Technologies is a privately held company with 41 depots and over 1,200 employees serving customers across the United States. Visit and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.  

Visit and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. 


Restaurant Technologies Helps its Customers Make the Best