Objectivity, Inc. Reports Increase in Profitability and New

Mountain View, CA, Feb. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Objectivity, Inc., a leader in enterprise distributed graph and data management software products for managing complex data in operational systems, announced an increase in profitability for the first half of fiscal year 2023 ending December 31, 2022.  “With an increase in revenue and significant increase in net income over the same period last year, Objectivity has exceeded its net income objectives for the fiscal year to date,” stated Gary Lewis, CFO of Objectivity, Inc.

The company also announced that the upcoming release of InfiniteGraph will feature a new lightweight driver architecture.  This new architecture dramatically simplifies database application development and will be available for Python, Java, and C++ users.

Objectivity’s InfiniteGraph product is a distributed graph database management system for discovering new intelligence for the most demanding performance requirements at massive speed and scale.  InfiniteGraph is available for on-premise use and can also be deployed in any cloud environment. For more details about InfiniteGraph and to download the free 50GB version, please visit: https://infinitgraph.com.

The company also continues to enhance the user experience and features for Objectivity’s flagship product, Objectivity/DB. Objectivity/DB is a fully distributed object database management system that is well suited for embedded applications with requirements for managing complex, distributed data at massive scale.  

About Objectivity

Objectivity, Inc. (Objectivity) produces and supports massively scalable and high performance graph database and data management software products, including InfiniteGraph. With eleven graph and NoSQL, U.S. patents and customers from the U.S. federal government to Fortune 500 companies, including industries such as manufacturing, finance, and healthcare, Objectivity has expertise in managing complex data leading to the discovery of unknown connections at massive speed and scale. Objectivity holds a General Services Administration (GSA) schedule and is privately held with headquarters in Mountain View, California. 

Objectivity, Inc. Reports Increase in Profitability and New