Dance Brand Só Dança Introduces New Fitness Line in U.S.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., Feb. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trinys has been a pioneering fitness apparel brand in Brazil for over 35 years prioritizing wellness, confidence, and positivity in women's fitness. Trinys features durable, functional, and fashionable collections with unique styles, patterns, and colors designed for both athleisure and intense exercise. 

Só Dança is bringing this glamorous fitness line to their U.S. distribution center, expanding the sales and reach of their existing fitness products. The brand will be functioning as a separate but partnered entity with its own website and social media platforms. The styles, fabrics, and designs of the collection bring new aesthetic and intention to the company and will allow Só Dança to enter a new market and demographic.  

Natalya Jewelewicz, Manager of Marketing Strategy for Só Dança and Trinys expert, comments, "As this new fitness collection develops and grows, we are always looking for innovative ways to expand our reach and help customers achieve their goals. With Trinys, Só Dança is confident that our unique designs and ingenuity will stand out and make a great impact in the fitness-wear and athleisure market …We want to be your partner through your journey to a more healthy, confident, positive, and fabulously fit lifestyle." Trinys will be available for sale on their website and at events in early 2023.  

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